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This was Billy's first guitar build.  Billy is a great guitar player, click the picture to see his build pictures and hear him playing his finished guitar.

Jason #2

This is a little 3/4 size guitar with my Radiant Bracing pattern.  It has the tone and volume of a full size guitar.  I asked Jason how this guitar sounded in comparison to his factory made 3/4 size guitar.  He said it is like going from an am clock radio to surround sound.  Watch the video, decide for yourself. Jason recorded the audio on his equipment.

Josh Gilbert

Josh was inspired by all the things his grandfather used to make out of walnut shells.  So as a tribute to him, Josh made his rosette out of sliced walnut shells.  This is a beautiful guitar.

Mom's Guitar


When my Dad had major heart surgery the doctors restricted his activity level. I thought I would get him doing something other than watch TV all day. I talked him into building a guitar for my mom. Dad had never built anything like this and Mom didn't even know how to play. Dad built it and Mom learned to play. They were both in their 70's at the time.

Mike Lee

Mike is one of those guys that is always looking for a cool or interesting project. He has built his own bandsaw and this guitar.  He doesn't know how to use either one!

Soji's Dread
Soji's Dreadnought

This was Soji's first ever guitar build. He finished this guitar in record time as well.  If I remember correctly it only took Soji 21 weeks to build this guitar.

Jason Webb's Spider Guitar

Jason did a really nice job on this guitar. Which is just great. The last thing you want is gorgeous figured wood and poor craftsmanship. Jason spent the extra time to really pay attention to the details in his joinery and binding and it shows.

Wetsanding Finished
Dave's 1st Guitar

Dave's 2nd Guitar

3/4 sized cutaway
Dave's 3rd Guitar

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