Power Tools

We live in a wonderful time. Cell phones have become smart phones, tv's are in 4k, and cordless power tools have become the modern standard. And why not? With the use of brushless motor technology and lithium batteries our little cordless tools pack a serious punch. Many of these tools have become as powerful as their corded counterparts. They are far more convenient, portable, and easier to use and setup. You don't need access to 120v power outlet. No need to drag out an extension cord. Let's face it. We are squarely in the cordless tool age.


DeWalt has a clear understanding of this fact. Their line up of cordless tools has expanded to over 200 different models available. You can now get anything from a flashlight to a chainsaw and they all use the same batteries.

This orbital sander is a joy to use and should be one of the first tools that you purchase.

This 1/4 sheet sander should be the sander that you purchase. The reason? There is no need to buy special sandpaper. You just cut or tear full sheets of sandpaper into 4 sheets.

I finally replaced  my 12 year old DeWalt drill with this when my batteries died.  My old drill still works like new (with a battery adapter).  However this one is smaller, lighter and just as powerful.

I must admit that I do not own a cordless router at this moment but I plan on getting one ASAP. Since I already have a working palm router I keep putting it off.

Atach this to the 1617EVS router base to use Bosch style guide bushings. It also holds the adapter to use the more popular threaded guide bushings.

I have used one of these routers for years. It has hundreds of hours worth of wear on it and it still works like new. I also use this router in my router table.

This adapter is what you need to use the popular threaded guide bushings on a Bosch router.

When you start making templates you will need a set of guide bushings. I prefer these over the Bosch bushing set for several reasons. You will need to buy the adapter to use these.

Excellent cordless circular saw. It has a brushless motor and runs on the standard 20 volt batteries.