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Camera and Video Gear

This is a list of all of the camera gear and video editing equipment that I use to make all of my videos. Please click on the links (these are affiliate links) to help support my site. You get the same great prices that I did and Amazon will send me a small referral fee. It's a win-win situation. Thank you for your support!

Very high quality 4k camera!! If you want to take professional videos you won't find a better camera for the money. I know, I looked for months!

This "midrange" camera stacks up quite nicely against Canon's "professional" grade cameras. It has a new 32MP sensor, 4k video, and can be used to do live streaming. Amazing camera at a reasonable price.

Most of the close up work in my videos has been shot with this lens. Full manual control and excellent image quality.

This is a micro 4/3 lens and fits directly onto the BMPCC4K

Nice "portrait" length lens. Also fully manual control.


This lens has a Canon EF mount and needs to be used with the M2 adapter listed here to work on the BMPCC4K.

You will need this adapter to use Canon EF lenses on the BMPCC4K.

You will need this adapter to use the Canon EF-S lenses on the BMPCC4K.

Standard walking around lens. Comes with most camera kits.

I was a bit hesitant when I purchased this lens but it has turned out to be a really good close up wide angle lens. I would definitely buy it again if I lost it or broke it somehow.

Affordable telephoto lens.

This camera takes some really good images for an action camera. And it is much more durable that the YI.

The YI 4k + takes much better video than the Hero 5. The image quality should be nearly identical to the Hero 8 as  they share many specs and have nearly identical bit rates. FYI, the higher the bitrate the better the picture.

The DAW that I use when recording and editing audio projects.

Most of the audio in my videos has been recorded using this mic. One website listed this mic in their "Top 10" best mics for recording acoustic instruments of all time. I'll take their word for it.

Really nice way to record using  your computer. You can connect a real microphone (it can supply phantom power) or directly to a guitar.

Pretty good little mic. Quite light weight so you can use it with a phone, sports cam, or dslr. It does pick up wind noise so if you want to use it outside you might want to invest in a better wind screen.

I own 3 of these little guys! Great for holding a microphone or sports camera. Sturdy,

This is AWESOME editing software! It includes everything you need to edit, color correct, add special effects, make animations, and much more. It has been used to edit tons of movies in Hollywood. You can pay more but you won't get any better!

I needed a 4k monitor to edit 4k videos but 4k pc monitors are expensive. I bought this 43" tv instead and couldn't be happier.

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